Expatriates and Diplomats

Executive Mobility Financial Solutions specializes in long term vehicle rentals for expatriates, diplomats and their spouses who are living and working in South Africa. South Africa leverages skills from the global community and therefore sees a number of expatriates entering the country on a daily basis. While these expats have highly sought after skills and most have solid financial relationships in their home country, most enter South Africa without the ability to obtain some of the necessities to make their stay here comfortable. One of these comforts is a vehicle of the standard that they have grown accustom to driving at home.Unfortunately, borrowing to acquire this vehicle is not only difficult (sometimes impossible) as an expat, just the process of sourcing a vehicle in a foreign country can be a daunting and time consuming exercise.

EMFS will make this process seamless by:

  • Working with the expatriate to determine the best locally acquired new vehicle which matches their needs.
  • EMFS will source the brand of their choice through our preferred dealer network
  • EMFS will tailor a long term rental (24-54 months) which matches the term of the South African work permit and the employment contract of the Expat
  • The EMFS bundled payment automatically includes a competitive base vehicle rental, vehicle maintenance plan, warranty, comprehensive insurance and vehicle tracking which matches the term of the rental

Customers Near Prime

Executive Mobility Financial Solutions understands that during life not everything goes according to plan. Many South African consumers have experienced situations which have negatively impacted their credit standing and thereby created difficulty in acquiring the vehicle of their dreams. We have identified what we refer to as the “Near Prime” customer segment. These are consumers who have primarily run their financial dealings as “Prime” credit risks but due to an explainable unfortunate situation have one or more impairments on their credit record. EMFS strives to work with these consumers to structure a long term vehicle rental which will allow them to drive the vehicle they want while rehabilitating their payment history.The convenience of a bundled monthly payment takes virtually all risks out of monthly vehicle expenses and makes the road to credit rehabilitation more predictable and manageable.

Additional Monthly Services

EMFS long term rentals offer all this in a bundled monthly payment. No need to negotiate with various suppliers and make several monthly payments. The single monthly payment to EMFS will cover virtually all the vehicle related expenses – almost all that is needed is to fill the tank with fuel

Our Vehicles Come With:

  • Manufacturer maintenance and warranty coverage for the entire term of the rental (On new vehicles only)
  • Used vehicles come with the balance of the manufacturers maintenance and warranty.
  • Comprehensive collision and liability coverage
  • Vehicle positioning and recovery tracking

For clients who wish even more peace of mind, we can include in the bundled payment:

  • Collision damage waiver to further reduce your excess in the event of vehicle damage or loss
  • Topup of manufacturer maintenance and/or warranty.

By offering all of these benefits in one convenient bundled rental payment there is no need for you to attempt to source these options yourself and then pay for them separately. EMFS can fix your monthly bundled rental for the entire rental term to eliminate the risk of Prime rate fluctuations and give you peace of mind in your monthly vehicle usage budget.

Excess Wear and Tear

Executive Mobility Financial Solutions offers as a standard 2100 kilometres per month (over 12 months this equals 25,200). While this monthly allowance meets the driving needs of most South African commuters, we do offer rentals where additional kilometres can be purchased up front at a discounted rate. EMFS is also able to adjust your monthly bundled rental payment during the term if your driving behaviour exceeds your original expectations.Just as your personally owned vehicles value is negatively impacted by excess kilometres and / or excess wear and tear, EMFS forecasts the future guaranteed value of your rented vehicle based on the contracted kilometres and “normal wear and tear”. If at the end of the rental term you return the vehicle with more kilometres than contracted for or with wear and tear exceeding the allowed parameters, EMFS will assess additional charges to compensate for this additional depreciation.

To help prevent unexpected surprises for both the rentee and EMFS, we have devised the following:

  • Ability to purchase excess kilometres at the beginning of the rental period
  • Ability to adjust the rental payment mid-term to compensate for greater than anticipated kilometres
  • Clear and understandable wear and tear guidelines.


Products / Brands We Offer:

Executive Mobility Financial Solutions is proud to have established relationships with selected South African distributors of major motor vehicle brands.

Basic EMFS Vehicle Bundled Payment Offering Each EMFS vehicle rental comes standard with:

  • 2100 kilometer allowance monthly
  • Vehicle tracking and recovery service
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Roadside assistance

For those clients who would like additional benefits, EMFS can add to their bundled monthly payment any of the following:

  • Additional monthly kilometres to match the clients driving needs.
  • Up to 30 Days car rental coverage in the event of collision repairs.
  • Topup of manufacturer maintenance and/or warranty.

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